Advisory Selling Methods

There are five Advisory Selling Methods that offer agents a stronger relationship with themselves and a greater ability to generate opportunities and see them through to completion and beyond.

Method 1: Deal Foundation – This foundation program focuses on unraveling the self-defeating automatic behaviors that limit performance. Managers and agents re-educate their market by conveying a clear vision, values and viability.

Method 2: Deal Creation– Generating new business opportunities is the focus of this method. It all starts with an initial contact and goes through to the exploratory meetings which lay the foundation for strong agent and client partnerships.

Method 3: Deal Conversion –Deal Conversion focuses on building compelling presentations that compel clients to take appropriate action. It shows agents how to launch a client project and set clear rules of engagement.

Method 4: Deal Completion – This Deal Completion Method shows agents how to bring deals home to a successful completion and do it in a way that generates repeat business, referrals and recommendations.


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