My name is Paul Roth.

I am the creator of the RothMethods.

My mission is to help you bring out your greatness

and put it to work, so you fulfill your destiny,

become a better person and make a better world.

Why RothMethods?

My journey began as a child who stuttered except when he was having an advisory conversation with someone. I was asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said “I want to give people my ideas and have them pay me lots of money for them.” This stirred a lot of laughter.

But as it turns out, that is the only thing I have ever done with any great success. My education and experience in the arts has provided a strong creative foundation for my work with people. But it was likely teaching Tai Chi in the early seventies that started the ball rolling.

I became a workshop leader and Fortune 100 consultant and then began my coaching business in the late eighties and have been working with people ever since. I learned many lessons from all of the successes and failures.

The methods I have developed over the past 3 plus decades of working with people are designed to bring out the natural skills already  within each and every person.

How Do They Work?

If you know the methods you will see them unfolding before you everyday. If you practice the methods you will naturally bring out your inner skills. If you apply the methods over the long term you will change who you are being and that will change everything else in your life.

The methods I have developed are based in the principle that you already have within you everything you need to achieve your aspirations. It’s time to start listening to yourself more effectively and shed the mass of accumulated knowledge you drag around with you.

You already have major skills hidden within you. You only have to look into the mirror to find where all the answers you seek are hidden. My job is to help you bring them out, develop them and put them to work. 

Behind the face you see in the mirror is a profound wealth of knowledge and skill that for most people is yet untapped. It will always be there waiting for you to look within and it will always be there until you find it.


What Do You Get?

Making this shift produces a quantum leap in your performance personally, professionally and publicly. This translates into greater rewards, recognition and the fulfillment that comes with making an impact in the lives of others.

Whether you work alone, with a team, company or major organization your ability to connect with people will determine the level of success you can achieve. This all starts with connecting with yourself, the rest is easy.

I invite you to have a conversation with me about where you stand today and where you would like to take things in the future. We will then determine whether or not what I am offering will help you get there in the best possible way. If there is another better way I will help you find it.

Just call 607.619.5927 or send an email to as someone will reach out to schedule our conversation. My promise is that whether or not we work together, you will be in a better position to make an appropriate choice about your future.

Our Foundation Program

Building Partnership

Three Practices That Produce Partnership Everytime!


Making the People Connection

The human ability to work together is what has us become the dominant species on the planet. Yet, when we watch the news it sure doesn’t seem like there is a lot of working together. We go out with the best of intentions to create an ally and all we do is create an adversary. This is because our language betrays us. We don’t fully understand how to use language to build a partnership with another human being. We may do it by accident sometimes, but rarely by design.

This method gives you a precise 15 step roadmap to partnership that will get you there everytime. It is not about tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks and traps. It is about discovering your natural ability to build partnertship with people. You have used these skills befopre. That’s how you know you have them. You can use this method to bring them out and put them to work.

Practice 1

Evoking Rapport

Opening Up Their Protective Listening!

This first practice sets the table for the next which is the main work to be done.  There is no such thing as a partnership without a project. But there is no talking with a person about their project without some solid rapport.

Practice 2

Generating Projects

Learning What They Want To Make Happen!

This second practice is all about uncovering the persons project. This means uncovering where they are currently and where they want to take things in the future and then offering your help in getting there and even beyond.

Practice 1

Forging Partnership

Speaking Partnership Into Existence!

This third practice completes the work of the second practice by speaking the partnership into existence. This involves addressing the risks of the project, the responsibilities of the partners and a clear commitment to appropriate action.

Programs On Demand

Once you join a Wishlist you will be notified as to when your program will begin. This will ensure that we put you into an appropriate peer-group program that will maximize value to you. Then you will have the chance to pay a deposit and join a Waitlist for a Program with a specific Day of Week & Time of Day. Once enough Waitlist members have joined the program will be scheduled with a start and end date. It will also be opened up to additional participants like your associates, friends and family. You will receive a referral discount for each additional person you help join your program or another one.