Solo Program Packages

Given a subscribers unique learning needs, schedule and budget they may opt to work on their own in a solo mode that may include group program and private coaching support..

Option 1: Private Coaching – Private coaching gives program reinforcement and guidance on assignments. It also is an opportunity to look into deeply rooted learning challenges and to turn them into stepping stones to learning excellence.

Option 2: Single Session eCasts – Thee are webinar type programs delivered on line. They are typically single session programs or come in a multiple session series with chat participation and PDF downloaded materials.

Option 3: Four Session eWorkshops – These eWorkshops are delivered live online and focus on a single five step practice and tend to take up to four sessions to complete. They are high intensity and highly focused of a single skill.

Option 4: Twelve Session eSeminars – These eSeminars are delivered live online and focus on a set of three practices that make up a complete module of work that accomplishes a overall purpose.

Option 5: Twenty-Four Session eCourses – These are extended multi-module programs that last between six months to a year each. The cover an entire phase of a selling, management or coaching process.


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