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Coaches bring out the best from within the people they support!

We work with you to configure a set of program components and support that will serve your unique learning process.

Our learning and tools applications feature skill development and practical application of skills rather than information transfer.

You can maximize your performance because our learning process is designed to bring out your natural skills.

Private Coaching

Resolve Performance Challenges

Partner Coaching

Generate Partner Alignment

Team Coaching

Generate Team Collaboration

Executive Coaching

Install Manager Led Curriculum

Learn From Others While Others Learn From You!

These four coaching support formats are delivered to individuals privately even within entire companies. 


                            Private Coaching  

                               This approach to coaching focuses on an individual’s unique and often deeply- rooted performance challenges.


                            Partner Coaching  

                               This approach to coaching generates greater alignment between partners at all levels of an organization.


                            Team Coaching  

                                This approach to coaching works with an established team to work more collaboratively and therefore more productively.


                            Executive Coaching  

                                This approach to coaching offers private coaching to selected individuals, partnerships and teams within a company.  


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Partner Coaching Programs


Our partner coaching programs focus on working with two individuals to uncover and resolve professional relationship challenges that are undermining individual and team performance. In this highly-confidential format our professional coaches use very precise applied-ontological methods that cut through the challenges of the mis-perceptions, evaluations and judgments of others that compromise the effectiveness of a business process.  Using this ontological method helps people become more connected, compassionate and collaborative.  


Programs are delivered via our:
Eductive Learning Applications & Performance Tools Applications


Team Coaching Programs

Our team coaching programs focus on working with project and departmental teams to uncover and resolve performance challenges that undermine teamwork and the flow of deliverables within the team and with other teams across an organization. In this team format, the business project, rules of  communication and conduct and the business process are all held up to the light. Each team member has the opportunity to contribute to the overall team-performance process and take greater ownership of their accountabilities and those of the team as a whole.


Programs are delivered via our:
Eductive Learning Applications & Performance Tools Applications

Company Coaching Programs

Our company coaching programs focus on working with individuals, teams, departments and groups that need to get aligned on a set of objectives that will forward the overall performance of the company. The initial phase of innovation flows into the introduction of a new process to related parts of the organization that need to work better together. The new process, policies and procedures are then installed and integrated into the fabric of the organization so that they can evolve through regular inspection and further improvement.


Programs are delivered via our:
Eductive Learning Applications & Performance Tools Applications

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